Proper adjustment can make or break your cami experience – and the positioning might not be what you expect! I have some tips for you below, but PLEASE let me know if you have any concerns with your fit! I’m just a text/chat/email away! Sometimes a super tiny adjustment makes a WORLD of difference!

Putting on Your Cami

  • Your cami will be the most snug while it adapts to your body the first couple times you wear it. I recommend wearing it around the house first to make sure we got everything just right!
  • No matter how weird it sounds, you really want to STEP INTO your cami so you don’t get trapped with it over your head! The gripper edge should go directly on your BARE skin with your panties OVER TOP of your cami.
  • Is your cami high? No, higher than that… higher… higher… There! The biggest problem ladies have with fit is that they haven’t pulled it high enough. Pull it all the way up so it gets any underarm spillage. The back should be high like a tank top not low like a bra.
  • Then scoop your breasts up and get them in position. Finally adjust and tighten the straps
  • Full busted ladies – the cups will fit best if you first stretch them with your fist. Be sure you are ready to keep the cami before stretching, you will not be able to return it after it has been stretched! The fabric is meant to do this stretching it just sometimes needs some help the first time!
  • Avoid using lotion around your hips or the gripper won’t hold as well.
  • Have dry skin?? Sometimes the gripper edge isn’t as effective when our skin is dry. Luckily there’s a super easy solution! Dampen the gripper edge with water using your fingertips and you should be secure for the day!

Here are a couple videos showing proper adjustment. It’s so helpful to see rather than read!
HEATHER showing you a different way to step in:
DEMI 101: